About Laura:

Artistic expression has always been a part of Laura’s life. She has traveled the world and is infatuated with the diversity of color and culture. Her artistic creativity has been expressed in her choice of surrounding and her love of many creative endeavors. Laura has studied many different disciplines, including commercial design, watercolor and oil painting, and multimedia work. These learning experiences, along with life experiences, come together and are reflected in her torn paper art. You can tell by looking that they were created with happiness.

About Torn Paper - Painting with Paper:

The torn paper art Laura creates is driven by a love of color and pattern. Her torn papers are pulled from construction paper, Japanese origami papers, Japanese rice and mulberry papers, commercial magazines and documents. She says it is very freeing, allowing the patterns and colors to mix and mingle.

Each piece of art is a one of a kind original. It would be impossible to duplicate any piece because you would never choose the exact same color or paper, or tear it in the same way ever again. Each piece flows from the artist’s creative process as the piece changes and evolves during creation. From Laura, “ I really only have a general idea of what the finished piece is going to look like. I decide on a general subject and use a pencil to rough out a shape, pick up a piece of paper and put it down, then move forward from there.” The piece creates itself.